How Canary Wharf Group Accurately Captures Scope 3 Emissions with the Carbon Calculator

In 2023, British property company Canary Wharf Group (CWG) reached their first 100 suppliers reporting to the Sustainability Tool’s Carbon Calculator, helping them to capture scope 3 emissions data more consistently and accurately.

This case study explores CWG’s journey towards sustainable supply chain management with the Carbon Calculator. Read on to learn about their motivation for using the Calculator to measure emissions, how it has enabled positive sustainable change in their organisation, their strategies for achieving a high response rate, and how the insights gained from this will inform their future approach to scope 3 emissions.

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Canary Wharf Group's motivation for using the Carbon Calculator

Canary Wharf Group has set ambitious targets to reduce its environmental footprint, with a focus on tackling Scope 3 emissions within its supply chain. In order to do this, they recognised they needed a platform that would:

  • Be easily accessible for their supply chain
  • Accurately apportion data to the company
  • Be efficient for contractors to update as frequently as necessary

Through their partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, CWG was introduced to the Carbon Calculator, which met their needs. They were then able to raise awareness of the carbon calculator and increase uptake through active engagement with suppliers at all levels via their Ambition into Action Summit and bespoke workshops.

How the Carbon Calculator enabled positive sustainable change

The Sustainability Tool‘s Carbon Calculator has enabled CWG to transition from estimating their Scope 3 data to capturing actual data across all business streams in a consistent and accurate way. It has also empowered their supply chain to better understand their emissions.

Dylan John, Sustainability Coordinator at Canary Wharf Group, commented: “The Carbon Calculator has supported Canary Wharf Group and others in the industry. As our supply chain adds data and apportions it to us, they can also do the same with other organisations they work with. 

We see the carbon calculator as a winning formula for all, it fosters greater collaboration and a shared vision within the built environment to reaching net zero emissions.”

How Canary Wharf Group achieved a high response rate

CWG knew that capturing Scope 3 data for their organisation and supply chain would require a process that continuously informs and upskills. For this, they have focused on engaging their supply chain and internal stakeholders.

This has involved:

  • Educating their internal sustainability team via sessions with Action Sustainability on the benefits of the Calculator, enabling them to become advocates
  • Issuing letters to their supply chain detailing the company’s ambitions and how they could contribute
  • Running a series of internal and external workshops to upskill people on carbon, climate change, and the Carbon Calculator
  • Hosting a supply chain breakfast to engage suppliers with the Carbon Calculator and the Supply Chain Sustainability School

As a result of these efforts, CWG has achieved a high response rate. The company was thrilled to reach a milestone of over 100 members of their supply chain reporting in early 2023.

Using Carbon Calculator insights, & Canary Wharf Group's future plans

CWG aims to use data insights from the Carbon Calculator to drive change and innovation across their supply chains. This will involve implementing sustainable best practices such as alternative energy sources, local procurement and optimising transportation routes.

These insights will provide CWG with an accurate data source, and thus a greater understanding of embodied carbon in their supply chain. It will also allow them to recognise which of their suppliers need further engagement and support – for instance, through workshops and learning pathways via the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Eventually, CWG hopes to educate their supply chain to the extent they become champions of sustainability and can share their knowledge and data with other organisations in the built environment industry.


Overall, Canary Wharf Group’s journey towards tackling Scope 3 emissions with the Carbon Calculator has enabled greater consistency and improved supply chain engagement in working towards net zero. By standardising data capture across its business streams and supply chain, Canary Wharf Group is setting an example for the industry. Their strategies for achieving a high response rate and their vision for using the insights gained from the Calculator show their commitment to leading the built environment industry towards reaching net zero emissions.

About Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf is a fully integrated property development, investment, construction and management group, with a workforce spread over four sub-companies: Canary Wharf Group, Canary Wharf Management, Canary Wharf Contractors, Vertus and Canary Wharf Residential. Their vision is to inspire positive impact by creating places and communities that are “healthy, thriving, sustainable and future-ready”. They are also a Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

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