Our Story

Introducing the Sustainability Tool

We’re focused on helping create sector-wide solutions that will have lasting impact! 

We’re sustainability mixologists, using data, technology and human brilliance to manage sustainability results across your organisation and supply chain. Our performance Tools will save you time, effort, money (and sanity!). 

Plus, when the results come in, we’ll be there to help you successfully navigate your dashboard and understand the true sustainability impact of your operations. That’s right, we’re your trusted sustainability advisors! 

Our history – the journey so far

We are owned by Action Sustainability – an award-winning sustainability consultancy which launched in 2006 with a mission to inspire and empower businesses to make real sustainable change. 

Our Sustainability Tool was born in 2014, in response to client demand for a robust sustainability reporting solution. Since then, we have supported companies from all sectors to drive long term sustainability strategy and performance by helping businesses maximise supply chain transparency using our Tool. 

In 2016, we developed a Diversity Tool and through this we have since carried out annual diversity benchmarking exercises for our clients. We hit a record high in 2022 with 340,000 people reporting their diversity data through our Tool. 

In fact, this was the largest-ever employee diversity survey ever-recorded in the UK! This annual diversity survey plays an integral role in engaging and raising awareness of diversity, equality, and inclusion, as well as establishing benchmarks and setting targets for the industry to work toward. 

It became apparent that companies felt ill-equipped to tackle their carbon emissions and struggled to measure their Scope 3 data, so in 2019 we created a Carbon Calculator! Now, our clients can offer their suppliers FREE carbon reporting so they can track, measure and ultimately reduce their carbon emissions.  

We are always focused on creating sector-wide innovative solutions that will have lasting impact and we are always on the lookout for more ways we can support businesses with supply chain transparency. 

Our Team

Annabel James
Client Relationship Executive
Aya Macahis
Customer & Software Support Analyst
Billy Wilkinson
Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Briony Laidler
Client Relationship Manager
Charles Naud
Head of Product
Gemma Laws
Digital Marketing Executive
Imogen Player Senior
Sustainability Consultant 
Liban Ahmed Business
Administration Apprentice
Liv Banfield 
Customer Success/Software Support Analyst
Lydia Higgins
Head of Marketing
Muhammad Tumi
Front-end Developer
Ola Martyna
Python/Django Developer
Sam Walker
Sustainability Consultant Researcher
Stefanía Chica-Jácome
Sustainability Consultant